Warmatic Limited are a North East of England based manufacturer of gas fired air heaters and ventilation equipment, with engineers with over 30 years experience within the manufacturing sector of gas products and ventilation units. Developing high efficiency appliances using the latest technology available to ensure all products are the highest efficiency available.

Warmatic can offer bespoke efficient climate solutions to the commercial industry, in order to help our client’s achieve their desired environmental conditions.

The focus of the business is investing heavily in research and development of future products with the use of renewable fuels and Hydrogen burning technology for a cleaner environment for sustainability and our future generations, give commercial and industrial business access to zero carbon emitting products

Warmatic can currently offer alternative fuels to natural gas and propane, with an option of heat pump warm air and Low Pressure Hot water used with an alternative fuel.

We are immensely proud of what we manufacture. Our stringent quality process and attention to detail is what sets us apart
from our competitors. Assisted by our dedicated and talented team who use state of the art design technology, offering a high level of technical advice and on-site support throughout.

Our key points

  • To build and maintain long-term customer relationships.
  • To fulfill the demands of our client by producing high quality
    and efficient products.
  • To develop renewable and zero carbon products
  • To give the best technical off-site and on-site support