Next-R Range

Wall-mounted modulating gas unit heaters

Heating of specific industrial environments.

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Key Features

Exclusive design and innovative technology. An unparalleled product which combines Made-in-Italy design and Robur’s unique technology for high efficiency and energy savings.
Weighing 25% less than existing models, it is even easier to assemble, is super-light and extra compact.
Each gas unit heater can be connected to the intelligent Genius system which allows up to 100 gas unit heaters to be managed and controlled efficiently, optimally and remotely. The entire system is constantly monitored and parameters can be easily adjusted according to requirements.
Premix burner with low NOx and CO emissions, with self-adapting air-to-gas ratio.

Model Range

Find out more about the Robur Next-R Wall-mounted modulating gas unit heater.

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The Robur Next-R gas unit heater is ideal for heating medium to large spaces, such as laboratories, workshops and warehouses where no flammable materials are present.

The modularity of the system makes it possible to manage the heaters independently and to choose the ideal temperature for each area.

  • LPG gas conversion kit
  • Duct connection flange for C models (with centrifugal fan)

Heat input R15: maximum kW 15.5 – minimum kW 10.3
Heat input R20: maximum kW 20.5 – minimum kW 13.2
Heat input R30: maximum kW 28.0 – minimum kW 16.8
Heat input R40: maximum kW 38.3 – minimum kW 23.0
Heat input R50: maximum kW 49.0 – minimum kW 31.0
Heat input R60: maximum kW 69.0 – minimum kW 41.4
Heat input R80: maximum kW 84.0 – minimum kW 54.0

Efficiency R15: maximum 91.0% – minimum 96.0%
Efficiency R20:maximum 91.0% – minimum 96.5%
Efficiency R30: maximum 91.0% – minimum 96.7%
Efficiency R40: maximum 91.5% – minimum 96.5%
Efficiency R50: maximum 91.0% – minimum 97.8%
Efficiency R60: maximum 91.0% – minimum 97.5%
Efficiency R80: maximum 91.0% – minimum 97.4%

Nominal air flow(1) R15: 2,222 m3/h
Nominal air flow(1) R20: 2,460 m3/h
Nominal air flow(1) R30: 2,900 m3/h
Nominal air flow(1) R40: 4,010 m3/h
Nominal air flow(1) R50: 4,470 m3/h
Nominal air flow(1) R60: 6,470 m3/h
Nominal air flow(1) R80: 8,670 m3/h

Installed wattage R15: kW 0.18
Installed wattage R20: kW 0.21
Installed wattage R30: kW 0.21
Installed wattage R40: kW 0.30
Installed wattage R50: kW 0.34
Installed wattage R60: kW 0.41
Installed wattage R80: kW 0.60

(1) At 20 °C – 1013 mbar.