Air Rotation Unit

Air rotation units are ideal for applications such as distribution centres and warehouses requiring frost protection or constant background temperatures.

The system provides even heating over large areas and eliminates the requirement for ductwork or de-stratification fans.

Simple fast track installation provides an economic and efficient solution with low ongoing maintenance costs.

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Key Benefits

Large areas heated by a single unit so that number of units is reduced to a minimum
Simple and quick installation, reduced gas pipework and electrical wiring: lower installation costs
Fewer units, all sited at low level reduces ongoing maintenance costs
No requirement for high level de-stratification fans
No requirement for costly ductwork installation
Higher thermal efficiency for reduced running costs
Heat outputs up to 850kW from single unit
High burner turndown ratio for closer temperature control
Some Units may be flued via simple wall outlets
Enhanced reliability, and dual heat exchangers and fans
Reduce installation costs by reducing multiple electrical, natural gas and piping connections
Recover and redistribute waste heat produced in the space – saving operational costs
Custom-built Air-Rotation Systems are designed to condition the height and space you desire
Condition 14,000m2 with a single piece of HVAC equipment.
Minimize the need and cost for service time by reducing the number of components, overall units needed and the ability to service at ground level

How It Works

Cyclone air Rotation models provides a simple, cost effective solution by utilising a much greater supply air volume with only a low temperature rise.

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Natural Gas
Oil (HVO)

The system draws in cooler air at low level and circulates the air at high level where it mixes with the warmer air. This develops a gentle airflow pattern, displacing the high level hot air and returning it to floor level to provide automatic de-stratification.

When additional heat is required the supply air is tempered to give a minimal temperature difference between air discharge and the space temperature so that the natural tendency of the hot air to stratify is virtually eliminated.

The rotation of large air volumes of tempered air provides even wall to wall and floor to roof temperature distribution and allows heat gains from lighting and other sources to be re-circulated to low level to reduce energy consumption.

Cyclone air rotation systems are best suited to applications requiring lower space temperatures than conventional heating systems i.e frost protection etc.

Cyclone air rotation units without heatering sections, can be employed as destratification units when used in conjunction with other Cyclone models with heater sections.