Gas Fired Heating, Ventilation & Cooling Units

Vortex is a new generation of gas fired air heaters to provide combined heating and ventilation with optional cooling.

The units are available with a wide range of heat outputs and cooling capacities. The units are available as noncondensing heaters with thermal efficiencies above 93.5% or fully condensing heaters with thermal efficiencies of 109% (ncv).

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Key Features

Incorporate supercell 4-pass heat exchanger technology for optimum efficiency and enhanced life expectancy
Stainless steel heat exchangers to suit application
Optional cooling, chilled, electric and heat pump.
Modulating burner fitted as standard. Requires a 0 to 10v DC signal to operate
Single burner with multi-try ignition provides enhanced reliability
Plug fan with integral EC control

Model Range

Units are available as indoor models or outdoor weatherproof models suitable for rooftop or low level installation.

7 non-condensing models with heat output ranging from 24-97kW

3 fully condensing models with heat output ranging from 54-99kW

Cooling 18-65kW

Air volumes 1,700-14,000m3/h

External static pressure up to 500Pa

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Environmental issues dictate that buildings need to operate as effectively and efficiently as possible.

Warmatic’s  intelligent energy management controller satisfies the growing need for higher efficiencies and to complement the development of energy efficient heating systems.

Simple to program and operate, and provides cost-effective energy management for small single heater installations through to large multi-zone applications requiring centralised control.

For large open areas, air induction nozzles provide even air distribution with automatic high level air recirculation.

The nozzles are capable of an air throw of up to 60 metres and the high volume turnover induced eliminates the requirement to install additional high level recirculation fans.

Nozzles may be grouped on a distribution plenum to provide controlled terminal velocities on both heating and cooling modes or may be supplied complete with mounting plates for fitting to conventional grille shoes.

The rubber nozzles provide excellent acoustic reduction at high outlet velocities and may be adjusted through 60° for controlled air direction.

The units are ideal for ducted installations with a choice of air volumes and external static pressures up to 500pa (dependent on options fitted). A plug fan with inbuilt EC controller enables Warmatic to build the heater to your preferred air duty. Small adjustments can be made at the unit, via a controller to enable on site airflow adjustment for final balancing.

The units may also be used for free-blowing applications with a choice of optional outlet louvres, induction nozzles and 30 or 60 degree downflow heads.

Units may also be supplied with purpose designed air distribution systems.

All motor and burner controls are accessed from a single side. As standard, units are supplied with access on the left hand side in direction of airflow, however units can be supplied with the controls access on either the right hand or left hand side, this must be clearly specified at order stage and cannot be changed once the units are manufactured.

All units are supplied factory assembled on a galvanised frame.

Internal units are supplied with powder coat finish RAL 9010 (white). Other colours may be available on request.

The outdoor units are supplied fully weatherproof complete with integral gutters and integrated flue terminal and are as standard supplied with zinc plated pre-painted panels.

All units are fitted with thermal and acoustic insulation as standard. All service access panels are hinged for ease of access with lift off hinges allowing for access where space is restricted.